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do you twist or do you fold? The honda Motocompo

honda Motocompo

A modified version of the Honda trunk scooter, this Motocompo has plenty more sleek style than the original

A mad idea even by Honda standards, the honda Motocompo was designed to fit inside cars like the 1981 Honda City, and did work for a while. It folds by way of that rectangular body, which fits the handlebars, seat, and foot-pegs inside to create a box roughly 1200mm by 540mm in size. It was something of a success but in total only 53,369 Motocompos were sold by the end of production in 1983 (no more than 3,000 per month). Interestingly it does have some roots in pop culture, being used in the Manga Series "You're Under Arrest" as well as being marketed by the band Madness. 

honda Motocompohonda Motocompohonda Motocompo

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