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A well tweaked Nissan Altima Hybrid

Nissan Altima Hybrid

Not modified or pimped, but tweaked. As you can see from the photo, their words and not mine! 

If I was going to use anything it would be...tuned. This is clearly a beast not designed for the school run, but for a mad race around the track. One look at that lightweight interior, fitted with roll cage and racing seats, will tell you what this car is all about. The rest is simply style, from a great looking frontage with massive air intakes to the beautiful bodywork that looks good all the way to the back. If only we got to see it on the track! 

Nissan Altima HybridNissan Altima HybridNissan Altima HybridNissan Altima HybridNissan Altima Hybrid

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