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oh Kapitan, my opel Kapitan

opel Kapitan

A classic of the German automotive industry, the Opel Kapitan is the car designed for the officer class. 

This third generation Kapitan is one of the most popular amongst collectors, and also one of the rarest. Only made between 1951 and 1953, this model had three more horsepower than its second-generation brother. Kapitan is notable for that very American style grille and the sheer amount of chrome attachments. Since March 1951 up to July 1953, Opel built 48,562 cars in this particular series, a third as many as the fourth generation, making a good one of these highly collectible. 

opel Kapitanopel Kapitanopel Kapitanopel Kapitanopel Kapitanopel Kapitanopel Kapitan

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