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You must see this amazing Pontiac GTO remake!

pontiac GTO

This customized Pontiac GTO looks absolutely marvelous! The vehicle has been completely changed: the lowered ride height, shinning rims, teal color, custom front and rear bumper, two exhaust pipes in the rear, and a spoiler on the back of the car gave this old car a new look. The interior of the vehicle hasn’t been left untouched too. Brand new seats, different steering wheel, and a modified dashboard made this car such a look as if it was built in the twenty-first century rather than in early 1960s. This brilliant Pontiac has not only the look, but it has superb performing abilities too. Quite unexpectedly for that vintage stuff!

pontiac GTOpontiac GTOpontiac GTOpontiac GTOpontiac GTOpontiac GTOpontiac GTO

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