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About US

Hi. My name is Alexander.
I am the father of two beautiful children: Sergei and Anna.
All my life I worked in the garage. One day, coming home, I heard, as Sergey said that he needed to make the site as homework. He could not choose a theme for your site and come up with this question to me. I told him that all my life I do cars, so you can try to make autos.
Anna heard our conversation and offered to assist in filling the site and the design. So was born the project, which we are doing our small family. I hope you enjoy it.
We will be happy to hear your opinion, write to us, it would be nice!

Hello, my name is Sergey.
I am a student and am a programmer, and our project was born out of the usual homework. But we were all so pleased with the result, we have decided to engage in its development, and posted on the Internet.
Since then, it all started!
Our project is still young, but we like them to do. We hope that we do well.
We welcome any ideas, I'll see you!

Hi guys! My name is Anna!
My father instilled in me a love for cars since childhood, I spent a lot of time with him in the garage repairing different cars. This love has remained with me.
So when I heard that my brother and dad will do to make a site about cars, I just could not help delight.
We were a bit difficult, because we are not professionals, but we enjoy it and try to develop.
However, if you think you can help us like that, even advice - write me! I will be very glad!
Good luck! partners