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• Volvo 66 - Maneuverability Taken To The Next Level
   (6 photos)
• stylish old school video showcasing the volvo P1800
   (6 photos)
• Volvo 480 Turbo
   (10 photos)
• Volvo 850
   (9 photos)
• Volvo 940 Turbo
   (10 photos)

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Tired of the old Volvo trucks? Check out this commercial and discover the new Volvo FL!

New Volvo FL offers you the new design, which you’ve never seen before. It always seemed that trucks cannot go better than they are right now, well, Volvo will prove you otherwise. This new Volvo commercial just shows you that there’s still room for improvement in the trucking business. You can see four old Volvo trucks trying to take a family photo, and just before the photographer takes the picture, two new trucks arrive and they cover the old ones. The commercial ends with the new Volvo trucking motto ‘Family just got bigger’. And it did the introduction of FL and FE surely improved the already great truck family. 

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